A little yellow demon

I found a Heresy miniatures Minor Fallen One in the bitzbox. It took about 3 hours from start to finish, minimal mould lines ( 2, 1 on the scythe and 1 on the sword which I didn’t use) quality control that puts the “big boys” to shame.



Paints used:
Tamiya grey surface primer
Molotow one4all yellow (airbrushed)
GW Rakarth flesh
Sepia wash
GW Rhinos hide
Army painter flesh
Blue wash

Aiakos the scourge

A #wipwednesday snap of Aiakos the scourge for Warmachine. Trying to get an assassins creed vibe moving around docks




Not the best pics I know but the ideas there.

Things! Excitement! Content!

Yes really content (ok maybe not excitement), in between the constant battle against “real-life” I managed to get in some painting time. I’ve base coated about 500 points(I think) of Imperial Fists , 25ish points of Cygnar and a few other random pieces.ย Here’s a teaser for the Imperial FIsts

WIP Imperial Fist Librarian

Hello out there!

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’ll be showing off things that i’ve painted (mostly miniatures), things I’ve made and generally rambling. Right I’m off to make some content.

Back soon