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Still Alive

Looking at the previous post, yep things got a little serious around here, so a mini update time.

I’ve had some news that takes a little weight off my mind, that’s all I can say for now.

The props and cosplays are going well, levelled up with a 3D Printer 😀 so expect more of them, in fact I’m attending a con soon, very soon. In 3 weeks at the time of writing.

Miniature painting is still happening, soon to be on ,thanks to a new webcam and some patient people.

er what else….er… oh yeah. I’ve set up this donation thing called ko-fi , since bills exist and good grace only go so far.

**Anyone reading is under no obligation but a coffee is greatly appreciated*

Made it this far? Well here’s the reason for the title, been humming it all day


Take care now, bye bye then.


WiP of #Punchy team up

Here’s a work in progress of @ElizabethNeale‘s Skyrim Character “Punchy” with Wonder Woman. I used some stock poses for composition then added details by hand. I’ll scan it back into Photoshop to refine it then colour. I used stock poses because I’m not great at figure drawing, I need more practice. Next up on this is to add a background, I’m thinking a Gothic arched window and creeping vines.