A kindness of Raven(s)?

Recently a colleague of mine bought a DC Raven statue and wasn’t overly impressed with the paint job…

specifically this area 13565384_1743213609251739_330060916_n

So they asked me to repaint it. *Shocked expression* anyway after a quick bath in paint stripper, she looked like this

20160623_180036 a quick soak in acetone (nail polish remover) and most of the paint came off in sheets, leaving us with

20160623_190718 a “naked” Raven

20160624_015131 once she’d dried, I then airbrushed some white, yes white, primer and some Citadel Air: Kislev Flesh for a smooth base layer

Several layers of Necron Abyss, Druchii share and Rackarth Flesh mixed with white for the skin and she’s done.

***Things I learned***

  • The flash killed the colours.
  • Make sure everything is painted (there’s a slight mispaint that I only spotted after it was given back).
  • Get clear instructions off the owner.
  • Keep them updated with progress but don’t swamp them.

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