New year, new me?

So it’s January 1st again and all across the social media I see “New Year, New Me” well honestly that’s not likely to happen, but I will say I’ll try to post more often, even if it’s just a work in progress picture. 

Angels and Demons…

*Mini update*

It that time of year when things go bump in the dark (no not me walking around my house) so I painted up Saint Peter from Purgatory miniatures and started working on Azaroth the Fallen from Heresy miniatures

A kindness of Raven(s)?

Recently a colleague of mine bought a DC Raven statue and wasn’t overly impressed with the paint job…

specifically this area 13565384_1743213609251739_330060916_n

So they asked me to repaint it. *Shocked expression* anyway after a quick bath in paint stripper, she looked like this

20160623_180036 a quick soak in acetone (nail polish remover) and most of the paint came off in sheets, leaving us with

20160623_190718 a “naked” Raven

20160624_015131 once she’d dried, I then airbrushed some white, yes white, primer and some Citadel Air: Kislev Flesh for a smooth base layer

Several layers of Necron Abyss, Druchii share and Rackarth Flesh mixed with white for the skin and she’s done.

***Things I learned***

  • The flash killed the colours.
  • Make sure everything is painted (there’s a slight mispaint that I only spotted after it was given back).
  • Get clear instructions off the owner.
  • Keep them updated with progress but don’t swamp them.

Trying to paint Gems…

Do not be alarmed. Yes it’s a long, long overdue post from me ( real life, blah, blah, blah).

Recently Games Workshop released some new technical paints specifically for gemstones,

  • Soulstone Blue
  • Waystone Green
  • Spiritstone Red
  • Stormhost Silver

so I thought I’d give them a try. Now I don’t have many minis that have gems on them, so I used some Space Marine shoulder pads…

I started with an even layer of silver over a black undercoat

then I went straight in with the gem paints

they’re a little thicker than the Tamiya clears I’m used to, and not really suited to shoulder pads, but the coverage is good. they look a little streaky to my eyes but with some practice I’ll be able to get a more even coat. Again the Shoulder pads are not the intended use here but they’d be great on Rank and File Eldar or Elves and Eye lenses on helmets. I personally wouldn’t use them on centre piece minis, but I want to see if my other half will let me test them out on one of her Elves.

All in all, if you want gems done fast these will do the job. I’m going to try them through the airbrush later and update things here.

That’s all for now, back to the workshop


Me being me I tried layering one over the other… it sort of worked20160619_003750

a little more experimentation is needed.


WiP of #Punchy team up

Here’s a work in progress of @ElizabethNeale‘s Skyrim Character “Punchy” with Wonder Woman. I used some stock poses for composition then added details by hand. I’ll scan it back into Photoshop to refine it then colour. I used stock poses because I’m not great at figure drawing, I need more practice. Next up on this is to add a background, I’m thinking a Gothic arched window and creeping vines.


I ain’t dead..

As the title says, “I ain’t dead”, I’m slowly coming back to the blog with actual content this time not just BS ramblings . Back soon.

On hiatus

Owing to some personal stuff I’m putting Brush 4 Brush on hiatus until the new year at least. Don’t worry it’ll be back with new and hopefully regular content.

Mark aka mr_badmek

The dust stirs….

… a long lost presence has been felt here for the first time in many a moon… that can mean only one thing, the creator is returning with new content! What wonders they will be only He knows…

How to Extend the Life of Pricey Hobby Paints

This is something I have done

A little yellow demon

I found a Heresy miniatures Minor Fallen One in the bitzbox. It took about 3 hours from start to finish, minimal mould lines ( 2, 1 on the scythe and 1 on the sword which I didn’t use) quality control that puts the “big boys” to shame.



Paints used:
Tamiya grey surface primer
Molotow one4all yellow (airbrushed)
GW Rakarth flesh
Sepia wash
GW Rhinos hide
Army painter flesh
Blue wash